Long Range Fishing

Often ranging more than 1,000 miles south into Mexican waters, our biggest, fastest, most luxurious long-range sportfishers offer the ultimate in big-game sportfishing adventures. Through the winter months and into spring, world-record class Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo are targets for our 16 - 23 day trips south to the Revillagigedo Islands and Clipperton. These are the very same fishing grounds that produced the record smashing 445 pound Yellowfin Tuna caught aboard the Excel. During the fall and early summer, anglers fishing the 8 - 12 day trips encounter the widest variety of fish - Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowtail, Dorado, Grouper and the occasional Marlin, while fishing Alijos Rocks and along "The Ridge" from Pt. Eugenia south to Thetis Bank. The shorter 4 - 6 day trips are favorites for the springtime angler looking to corner big Yellowtail and "bull" Calico Bass at Guadalupe, San Benitos and Cedros Islands. These trips will count on Albacore and Tuna to dominate the action during summer and fall months. And you won't find better accomodations anywhere - Staterooms and gourmet meals are but a few of the luxuries to be found on a Fisherman's Landing long range adventure!

All long range boats are equipped with the latest equipment including:

  • Scanning Sonar (Fish Finders)
  • Ship-to-Shore Radios
  • Satellite Navigation (GPS)
  • Radar

All boats are Coast Guard approved specifically for these long range trips and you won't find a more experienced captain and crew - we pioneered long range fishing into Mexico! We are accepting reservations with deposits now. All prices include food, bait and customs clearances. All reservations must be accompanied with a 50% deposit. Please follow the links to each individual boat for additional boat information and schedules for the 2018 - 2019 season!


Owner: Excel Long-Range Sportfishing LLC
Captain: Justin Fleck & Mike Ramirez

Polaris Supreme

Owner: Tommy Rothery
Captain: Alec Robbie

Royal Polaris

Owner: Frank LoPreste
Captain: Frank LoPreste, Roy Rose, Jonathon Yamate

Royal Star

Owner: Tim Ekstrom, Randy Toussiant, and Brian Simms
Captain: Tim Ekstrom, Randy Toussiant, and Brian Simms


Owner: Art Taylor
Captain: Art Taylor & Aaron Remy


Owner: Frank LoPreste
Captain: Rene Monteagudo