Fish Report for 7-9-2024

Staying busy

Alex Natipadab

Slow roll to start the morning for us today. After a couple hour power snooze we tried our hands at catching a Yellowtail with no success. Plenty of fish to look at but none were eager to bite our hooks. Despite the lack of success we did achieve getting everyone some much needed rest for the night to come back on the Bluefin grounds. Mid afternoon arrival gave us ample time to get the lay of the land and map out where we needed to be. Night time is the right time always. Right as it got dark we got the night started with a few 120-180 pounders. Short stopping all night from 1-8 fish a stop we were able to put a strong night together with our limits for the day. All the fish except a handful were of the same beautiful grade, 100-180 lb fish. Strong work! Banged up and bruise form the long night of battle we will be making a 40 mile move to a different zone to try our hands again at trying to catch a Yellowtail.