Fish Report for 7-8-2024

Island Tackle 2.0

Alex Natipadab

We departed Fisherman’s Landing yesterday morning with the second three day trip of the year for the hard core anglers of Island Tackle. Bunch of eager folks ready to lay waste to whatever opportunities we come across. We took advantage of the beautiful forcasted weather and ran West to the big Bluefin zone. Arrived on scene just after dark and right away we got to work, 75/25 split of 100-180 pounders and 40-60 pounders. Long night but entertaining night with almost 2 per angler, I'd say that's a fine start. We'll change up the pace and check for other species to catch before running back to the Tuna zone for the afternoon/evening hoping to repeat night 1.

Today's photo honors to start the trip goes to the Aguirres. Kevin poses with Paige and her beauty of a catch from last night. Epic father and daughter photo.