Fish Report for 5-25-2023

May 25 (May 23-26) 2.5 day limited load

Team Searcher

Good morning,

We saw some very nice schools last night and got a couple good opportunities at these bluefin in the dark.  They were a grade bigger, mostly 80-150lbs.  It was a very good sign. They didn’t bite as well as you would think, but we did string together a couple nice stops.

We’re going to break off from this bluefin fishing for the morning and try our had on the Cortez Bank. Wish us luck!

Good evening,

We had a good shot at some quality yellowtail this morning.  They came up and boiled around for about a half hour. The best method was on the yoyos.  At about 1130 it was over.  We moved up for some “bottom grabbers” and filled out some tags after lunch.

We’re changing gears here now going to see if we can get another shot at these tuna before we have to go home.

Check out the yo-yo video here: Tackle Tip Video on Yo-yos

Captain Mike and the boys

p.s. Great dinner by Chef Josh: pork chops, squash puree, mashed potatoes, roasted green beans, and balsamic gastrique!