Fish Report for 1-7-2022

Bank Has Big Pay Day

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone; Well, it has started. The Bank has a big pay day for the Royal Polaris. We had an excellent day of Yellowfin tuna fishing. With most of the fish in the 80 to 120, with a few in the 140 to 180 category, and one super cow, at 340 pounds. What a day.

Lucky angler with the super cow was Guy McDonald. Guy was fishing, caught a small skipjack, put it on for bait, and two hours later, had his fish of a lifetime. Guy had all the right gear for fishing a large bait.

The kite was hot and heavy in the morning but slowed down to a pick in the afternoon. We made it through the rotation two times, with only a handful of passengers timing out. The morning bite was topped off by fishing a dead flyer on the sinker rig. Roy asked a few passengers to try it, until one said give me that flyer, and BANG!!! He was on, then you know the rest of the story.

Everyone wanted a flying fish, but those were for the kite. We did have a few dead ones and those are the ones that went out for sinker rigs. Weather today was warm, with a slight breeze to keep it nice, and just enough to keep the kites flying.

We will try to make another tank of flyers tonight, but as the moon continues to get brighter, things will be even tougher to get the candy bait. So, wish us luck. Team R/p.