Fish Report for 1-12-2021

Bluefin or bust!

Tim Ekstrom

Back out on the deep blue hosting the first of many, Larry Brown sponsored, ultra limited load three day voyages with bluefin on the brain. 12 anglers are poised and ready to rumble while enjoying a first class overall experience. Individual stateroom accommodations, premium cuisine that began this evening with fresh, California Spiny Lobster, landed two days prior by Captain Randy Toussaint; the boys are elevating the standard ready to deliver in every way possible. Now to find some willing bluefin.

Such is the foremost fishing objective that we will execute in perfect weather conditions. Taking advantage of scheduling flexibility at this time of the year we crafted this voyage with gaming the weather in mind. Departing in the early am we headed forth in beautiful conditions, plying the offshore waters for bluefin by the late afternoon. Reports from far below indicate wild fish and scattered sign. Better sign and conditions beckoned close so we hit the brakes in preparation for a full effort tomorrow and Thursday bluefin or bust. Enjoy today’s ending note as we saw it. Sublime