Fish Report for 4-1-2020

Finishing Off With Bluefin

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone;  

Well let’s put like this, mother-nature gave us a brake, and we took advantage of the weather.  Our morning started off a bit slow, but when they made first call for lunch, that was also the lunch bell for the Bluefin.  The bite was on.  Most of the Bluefin were in the 40 to 65 pound range, with the largest going over 100 pounds, caught by Don Burnside.  The fish would stay with us for about two hours.  It was time to find another school. 

With time running out, Jeff found another school, and they wanted to bite.  We had a good bite of Bluefin in the 40 to 65 pound range again.  This bite would last until it was first call for dinner, as Bruce would release this Bluefin back to the ocean.  Now this is how to finish off a trip. 

We will arrive to Fisherman’s landing tomorrow morning around 07:00 hours, and we are all healthy, and we don’t know what to expect once we get back.  For the past 18 days, we have had to deal with sharks, rain, rough seas, but we are all happy to be heading home. 

 I don’t know when you will see another report from the boat, but we will be do some project on the boat until further notice.  So until fingers and keyboard meet again, we wish you good health, and;