Fish Report for 5-9-2019

Flat calm

Tim Ekstrom

Good and calm now; perfect looking conditions. And we will be looking, rest assured. Every inch of water we cross at this time of the year offers promise. And, perhaps even glory. Dare I say the “A” word.

I’m not ready to make any predictions, or go out on a limb, but stranger things have happened. We are in the perfect zone, at the perfect time, in perfect weather. I can’t find anything to refute the potential. So here we go.

Back to the admin duty look for a 10:00 - 10:15 arrival at Fisherman’s Landing Saturday the 11th. We’ll update tomorrow if necessary. Or, call Captain Brian Sims in the office Friday afternoon after 15:00.

In closing today we want to extend a huge shout out of gratitude to Calstar for supplying this run with some fantastic finished rods and blanks. Thank you also for the abundant T-Shirts so we can all fly the colors proud. Believe me we do. Calstar is a superb brand that earned Randy’s and my respect and endorsement for over twenty something years. A tribute to Leon is within every Calstar Rod. The next generation is carrying forward the proud legacy. Thank you again.

Enjoy another image today from the Itano/ISSF archive!