Royal Star Fish Report for 5-18-2017


Tim Ekstrom

The local denizens took their share but we got a few from the bargain too. Slow scratching, one here, two there, added up to something by the end of the day. And the quality was there. Although we have a few more missed opportunites for a variety of reasons to cry about, a few more chances were converted into success. One of these was earned by yet another long time Royal Star friend and angler Dave Bookin. Though this beautiful 194 is far from Dave's largest it went a long way toward elevating many spirits. The old addage “a little goes a long way” definitely applied.

Now facing the inevitable end, we plough into the final day still determined to make these bastards pay, and pay dearly. Admittedly they have the upper hand. Right now were are akin to a battered, punch drunk prizefighter in his corner awaiting the bell announcing the fifteenth round. When we rise to the timbre at best we engage our adversary and land a knockout blow. At worst if we fall, we fall respectably. Tomorrow we'll know.