Royal Star Fish Report for 5-16-2017

Measuring Up

Tim Ekstrom

We had a few shots at big boys today, but we couldn't convert. Still battling the current trend we shut her down for the night enjoying a well deserved respite from the rock and roll afternoon/evening chop. Left with no option other than to advance we're steadfast in our determination to win this stare down, or expire trying. Like it or not we are now on a dwindling time line; that reality is becoming far more pressing by the minute.

Not being our first time in the hot seat, nor will it be our last, the old adage about strength in the face of adversity comes to mind. Such occasions expose the true volume of one's character. In this respectb I'm happy to report that every one of these anglers is measuring up. No amout of pissing and moaning will change anything for the better. These angler's know it, and are weathering the storm with commendable poise.

Photo today is a grab from earlier featuring long time Royal Star friend and angler Bob “Turbo” Ryan. The list of Bob's fishing exploit's is so vast that it would take days to document. I've been there for a slice of it, perhaps even more than a slice, including this appreciable moment when Bob triumphed over a this fine 175.