Fish Report for 5-3-2018

Working up the line

Mike Ramirez

Hello anglers, 

The last several days down in the lower zone have been inconsistent  to say the least.  We've been scratching away at the good grade tuna everyday but there has been no two days the same. Biting different  hours of the day anywhere from 0330 to 2200. It definitely makes for a long day. The tuna have been beautiful grade most of witch are in the 130-150 pound class , we also had a dozen or so in the 190 class plus eleven fish over the 200 pound mark. There was also some good  wahoo fishing at times.  We would troll around when the tuna fishing got slow and always  seem to scratch  at least 10-40 wahoo a day. So after a long week of scratching away at  YFT and Wahoo it all added up to a good catch and great times. We will check in tomorrow and give you more details about the trip. Wish us luck.