Fish Report for 3-9-2018

On time

Tim Ekstrom

The boys are bumpin’ and jumpin’ their way up the line in now not so azure seas. Fighting a strong southerly current and stiff northwest breeze they are still on schedule to arrive at Fisherman’s Landing tomorrow (Sat the 10th) at 0900 - 0915. If there are any changes we’ll report accordingly. But none are expected.

After arriving tomorrow we will be launching into our 2018 maintenance period stretching through April 20th. We have a full suite of upgrades on deck including new propellors and a top deck cosmetic overhaul. I will keep the site updated with photos while our projects are underway. Otherwise the flow of fishing info will be on hold until we return to our favored environment. Donning our maintenance hats Randy, Brian, the boys, and I will be up to our elbows in it making sure that our beloved Royal Star is improved and ready for the 2018 season to come!

Enjoy today’s image grabbed from the Itano/ISSF archive