Fish Report for 3-4-2018

Much improved

Tim Ekstrom

A much better day in every respect. Better weather, better sign, and better catching leads one to believe that the drought may be coming to an end. Having something to settle in a work on alone got the blood flowing topside while the anglers on deck were quick to take full advantage. Not that we loaded up but fair scratching on 90 – 140 pound tuna in the morning and afternoon, and a nice crack at the “skin” was a huge divergence from production over the past three days. We’ll take it.

Heading into the final round we’re set to make the most of whatever opportunities manifest. On our end everything that can possibly be in order is set. Beyond that it is entirely up to the fish. Long time Royal Star friend and veteran Rodney Sharp receives photo honors today with this “stock” grade yellowfin he landed in the early a.m. A fine start to the day by any measure!