Pacific Queen


Drew Card

Drew Card

Mailing Address:
Pacific Queen Sportfishing
2838 Garrison Street
San Diego, CA 92106

Captain Drew Card
Full Galley Service
85 ft. x 22 ft.
Sleeps 40

Refrigerated Fish-holds

The PACIFIC QUEEN has two separate fish holds. One fish hold is set at a temperature to perfectly chill your fish, so that the crew can prepare it as you wish. The other fish-hold is set at sub-zero temperatures that will allow you to transport your fish frozen.

Gentle Handling of Fish

The crew will be happy to cut your fish into fillets or steaks, and/or remove its head, gill & gut. The cost for fish cleaning varies with the size of the fish. Fish cleaning and crew gratuities are not included in the price of the ticket. You will notice that when the crew of the PACIFIC QUEEN places your fish into the dockside fish carts, the fish is never thrown or handled roughly, thus preventing any bruising of the meat. From the time your fish comes over the rail, to the time it reaches the dock, it is handled with utmost care.

Vessel Equipment and Operation

The PACIFIC QUEEN is a graceful, smooth riding sportfishing vessel 88 feet in overall length. She is an eminently respected member of San Diego’s sportfishing fleet. She is fully equipped with marine radios, radar, sonar, loran, GPS, and other communication, navigation, fish-locating, and life-saving equipment. Cruises at 11-12 knots.

She is Licensed and Inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard
The vessel is 100% diesel/electric powered with Cummins marine diesel main engines (1100 total horsepower) and Capitol transmission gearboxes to ensure excellent dependability and speed. We have two septet systems to produce a total of more than 1,200 gallons of fresh water daily (one distillation system that works by the heat of the engine during transit, the other an osmosis system that works both, while underway, and at anchor.)

Vessel Accommodations

All sleeping areas are temperature controlled (with full heating and air-conditioning/air-circulation throughout)
Walls and floors are beautifully carpeted to buffer sounds.
All bunks are made with fresh pillow cases and warm blankets. Our housekeeping staff takes pride in making sure the vessel is wonderfully clean and prepared for you.
Two showers with fresh hot and cold water.

Three bathrooms

There is no smoking anywhere in the interior of the vessel. No smoking in the galley, bathrooms, or sleeping areas.

Beer, soft drinks, sundries and fishing tackle not included. 50% deposit required to confirm reservation. Balance due on departure date. Deposits not refunded unless cancellation is made 90 days prior to departure date. We reserve the right to overbook by one reservation. Meals and Mexican Fishing Permits not included in price.