Fisherman's Landing Now offers 3 Hour Whale Watching Trips

Fisherman's Landing offers whale watching tours from December through March. Gray whales make their long winter journey from Alaska to Baja California, travelling through waters off the San Diego coastline. Departing from Pt. Loma, our 3 hour whale watching tours offer the opportunity to spot gray whales, dolphins, and more. Whale watching is also a great way to get out on the water and take in scenic views of the southern California coastline and bay-front downtown San Diego.

All whale watching tours are aboard the Dolphin. The Dolphin is led by an experienced Captain and guide and offers onboard refreshments and food, enclosed galley seating for up to 60, and a spacious main deck and observation deck for viewing.

WHALE COUNT REPORTS                                                                                        

01-26-2013  :
Making the best
Although the weather has been less than cooperative we still managed to spot 5 whales on the afternoon trip.
Whale Count: 5 Gray Whale,

01-19-2013  :
Sunny San Diego
We are enjoying the beautiful San Diego weather this weekend! Some great opportunities for whale sightings and the ocean is flat and calm. All in all a great start to this weekend.
Whale Count: 8 Gray Whale, 50 Common Dolphins

01-06-2013  :
9 Grays Today
The Dolphin spotted 9 whales, a bunch of sea lions, and close to 20 dolphins on this afternoons whale watching trip!
Whale Count: 9 Gray Whale,12 California Sea Lion, 20 Common Dolphins

01-04-2013  :
More Whales Today
The Dolphin spotted 6 whales and hundreds of dolphins on this morning's trip!
Whale Count: 6 Gray Whale, 250 Common Dolphins

01-03-2013  :
AM Whale Watch
On this Mornings Whale watching trip for 1/3/2013 the Dolphin has spotted 12 Gray Whales along with lots of Dolphins and Sea Lions.
Whale Count: 12 Gray Whale,8 California Sea Lion, 300 Common Dolphins

01-02-2013  :
More Grays showing up
Today we saw 9 whales and more dolphin too! Not to mention the California Sea Lions.
Whale Count: 9 Gray Whale,10 California Sea Lion, 100 Common Dolphins

01-01-2013  :
New Year's Day sees 11 Gray Whales
Today we saw 11 Gray whales and tons of common dolphins.
Whale Count: 11 Gray Whale,12 California Sea Lion, 200 Common Dolphins

Season Totals

60 Gray Whale

42 California Sea Lion

920 Common Dolphins

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