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Owner: Frank LoPreste
Captain: Frank LoPreste, Roy Rose, Jonathon Yamate
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The Winners
Steve Emmert of Dublin won first place for a 53-pound wahoo.

“He took me up to the bow,? said Steve,? and then back down the side through all the tangles. The whole side was bendo, it was wahoo pandemonium.?

Emmert scored with a red and gold Raider jig on 50-pound Izorline. He used 80-pound Line One Spectra backing on an Avet HX reel and a Calstar 700 XH rod.

Ron Lewis of San Francisco won second place for a 45-pound wahoo. Nicole Ramirez of San Diego tied with Tom Benedetti of Seattle for third place with a 43-pound wahoo. Dr. Lester Quan of Hillsborough flylined a 55-pound wahoo with a sardine on a 4/0 Hayabusa hook, but wasn’t entered in the jackpot.

Micro Skins

The Winners
Chuck Kemnitz of Nevado won first and third places for tuna of 118 and 99 pounds. He got the big one with a pink Tady 9/0 jig on 50-pound Izorline, a Newell 533 reel and an eight-foot Super Seeker rod. Skipper Santiago helped him out in the lineup shot with the third-place fish.

Bruce Coblentz of Corvallis, OR used a sardine on the dropper loop to take the second-place tuna, a 116-pounder. He also caught a 53-pound yellowtail "…on a sardine and the dropper loop at midnight."

Bruce Coblentz

The Winners
Manny Silva (no relation to the former Malihini owner-skipper) won first place for his 84.8-pound yellowfin that came on a sardine and a 3/0 ringed Super Mutu hook on 40-pound P-Line and 80-pound Izorline Spectra backing. He used an Accurate 870 reel and a six-foot Ugly Stick rod.

Bob Kammerer of La Quinta took second place for a70-pounder, and Eli Rico of Seattle got third place for a 65-pound tuna he got on 30-pound line. Becky Conrad of Anaheim stood in with the winners with her kite-caught wahoo of 47 pounds that bit the "double trouble" sardine package.
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