Fish Report for 8-8-2017

Better than none

Tim Ekstrom

Day two in the “Crucible” went about as well as day one, with one exception. The fish are there, the weather was superb, conditions were great, and on and on. A few nice yellows here and there was the ultimate result. One tuna, the “one exception” was landed amidst a bunch of his brethren visibly celebrating the gifts that we bestowed upon them. It was fun but a bit frustrating; though none of my frustration was apparent in this stellar group of anglers that hung tough putting their time in at the rail. It’s a great fishing destination, perhaps the greatest in our long range repertoire. But it is certainly better with some catching thrown into the equation.

Day’s end was obviously time to move on. Easterly ho in rolling seas assures a change of scenery tomorrow. And we hope a change of pace. Some good coastal action will go a long way toward bolstering up our catch. Today’s photo features the chosen one, long time Royal  Star angler Gary Foster, with his coveted, Guadalupe island 114.