Royal Star Fish Report for 5-14-2017

Better than nothing

Tim Ekstrom

An improvement to be sure we are still left wanting a whole lot more. Slim pickin's is how I would describe it; not much big fish around, plain and simple. A fair shot at the wahoo lifted spirits for awhile but even that was short lived; not too many of them around either. On the fishing front we're definitely struggling. Not from a lack of effort, from a lack of fish. But we have time.

Additionally on the positive side of the equation is superb weather. A huge bonus in any arena, out here on the edge with no protection for nigh two hundred miles it is a blessing. Along with the quality of the few tuna landed being exactly what we are looking for we'll stick with the few positive aspects thus far and not allow the negatives to bog optimism down. There's no upside to self pity anyhow, and it is one hundred percent certain that the ocean doesn't care. She mete's out pain and pleasure impartially.

As mentioned those who experienced pleasure in the form of Yellowfin Tuna catching certainly had something to smile about. In today's photos Royal Star veteran's Jeff Cox and Peter Lorman are featured with their 170 and 183.